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I’m Jessica Barnaby, a writer and fine-art artist from London, UK

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Jessica Barnaby, Pet and People Portraits
Jessica Barnaby, self-portrait in charcoal 2019

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I’ve been creating art for several years, starting as a hobby artist and turning professional when clients started asking for promotional artwork and illustrations. This evolved into designing greeting cards and soon I discovered a love for portraiture.

I now sell my designs on Amazon and a number of online outlets including Redbubble, and Zazzle. By the way, if you’re an artist looking to turn your hobby into a career, you may like to join my newsletter where I write about my journey and share the things I’ve learned and continue to learn. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

My work has a fun contemporary vibe. I started as a charcoal artist which led into pastels and at last I lost my fear of colour. Nowadays I’m happy in a whole host of media including watercolours, pastels, oils, coloured pencils and digital.

I enjoy experimenting with subjects and styles but portraits remain my first-love, both people and animals. In fact, I’ve recently introduced a more budget-friendly alternative to custom portraits, I’m trying out a new “semi-custom” service for pet portraits whereby I’ll create artwork for you to purchase under a different set of conditions. Check out the commissions page for more details.

Pet & People Portraits

With pets and people being my most favourite things to draw, art commissions featuring both a pet and a person make my heart sing.

I love the challenge of capturing personality from photos and we have plenty of conversations before the work starts. I help you select the photos to work from and can combine people and animals from different references. I’m committed to making the process as enjoyable for you as I can and go to great lengths to make sure I understand what you want.

My art is freehand. I don’t use tracing paper, grids, or projectors.

My gallery and Instagram page offer insights into my style and you can find out about the commissions process here.

Girl and Dog Jessica Barnaby Pet and Portrait Artist, Barnaby Studio, Jessica Barnaby

Personalised Eye Bookplate, Original Art, Barnaby Studio by Jessica Barnaby

Privacy Guaranteed

I’m old-school when it comes to privacy and firmly believe your commissioned work is personal and belongs to you, not to social media.

Legally, artists retain copyright to their artwork and are entitled to use completed commissioned work for promotional purposes and much more. Personally, if I asked an artist for a portrait, I’d be disturbed to find portraits of my private memories all over social media so, to honour my values, I never post in-progress or completed work on social media without your express permission which you’re never pressured to give.

My default position is never to post commissions online so you don’t even have to ask. Your privacy matters to me.


I’m a creative person with a strong background in tech, business operations and marketing. So I’m grounded in the business side of things as well as the art.

I lean towards coaching and my blog contains tutorials and tips as well as my art pieces and products. Whether you’re an art appreciator, a budding artist or a creative thinking about setting up your own business, join my newsletter to receive updates when I post.

I’m protective about your privacy and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Mud Scrub Digital Gold-Barnaby Studio by Jessica Barnaby

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